Your move

This text and the one beside it are equal. I wrote this one first, and then I gave it to my friend Christian Bok and asked him to generate a new text using every letter and every punctuation mark that I used in mine. The other text is his.

Micah Lexier requested in advance that I reinvent his text. So I unknotted it and reknitted it into this very form, but then I began to think that his message had already resewn a touted art of genuine poetry. His eerie text was mine.

Yes. Anagrams are amazing. This is Micah Lexier and Christian Bok, via booooooom!, and I can’t stop looking at it.

Last Thursday, I went out after work. I ended up repeatedly quoting the Ghostbusters line ‘Back off, man, I’m a scientist’ (context unknown) and got inappropriately excited when Robyn’s ‘Fembot’ started playing after an entire evening of Rihanna on a loop. I spent a lot of Friday staring into the middle distance and then remembering things and trying to cram my entire fist into my mouth in an embarrassed way. Good times!

I am greedily devouring a lot of books at the minute. Lovecraft, Nabokov (finally), Christopher. Soon, I swear, I’ll read Fear: A Cultural History, which I’ve renewed twenty-six times. I’m just going to finish The Information first.

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